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Zoo Bratislava
Mlynská dolina 1( Slávičie údolie ),
SK- 842 27 Bratislava
Phone : 00421 2 6542 0985     00421 2 60102111
Email : zoo@zoobratislava.sk
Website: http://www.zoobratislava.sk

Main activities:
• Breeding and conservation of endangered animal species
• Scientific and research work
• Rehabilitation of injured and exhausted animals from our nature in the Rehabilitation centre Zoo Bratislava
• Education of the public with the aim to create a sense of responsibility, as well as raising conservation awareness
about the nature in the form of lectures, educational panels and labels about animals, ecological education events and programmes for schools
• Designing conditions for relaxation and daily recreation

Number of animals (species/specimen): 157/983
The most vulnerable animals: Addax antelope, European bison, White rhinoceros, Turkmenian kulan,
Pygmy hippopotamus, Golden-cheeked gibbon, Sri Lankan leopard, Cotton-headed tamarin, Gray mouse lemur,
Pygmy loris, African hunting dog, Sumatran tiger, Przewalski´s wild horse, Markhor, and many more

Opening hours :
(April 1st - October 31st) 9am - 6pm
(November 1st - March 31st) 10am - 3pm

In summer - last entry at 6pm, area is open until 7pm
In winter - last entry at 3pm, area is open until 4pm
Open daily throughout the year.

Admission price :
ZOO + DinoPark:
Summer Winter
Adults: 4,30 EUR 3,30 EUR
130,- SKK 100,- SKK
Entry costs:** cost-free cost-free
Children:* 2,65 EUR 2,- EUR
80,- SKK 60,- SKK
*Children (3 - 15 years old), students (16 - 26 years with valid student card), seniors, disabled people - adults, pedagogical supervisors with children camp (1 adult for 10 children)
**Children under 3´s, disabled people - children, disabled people with guide (children and adults), pedagogical supervisors with school groups (1 adult cost-free for 10 children)

Offer :
• Zoo shop with wide range of promotion material and souvenirs open from April 1st until September 30th - by buying merchandise you contribute towards breeding of our animals
• Two playgrounds for children
• Pony riding during weekends from April 1st until October 31st
• Dino Park
• Interactive programmes about ecological education for schools as a supplement for biology, zoology and natural history classes in our primary schools and secondary/high schools

Restaurant, Description :
Buffets opened from April 1st until October 31st

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick     

Dimension : 96 ha



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