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Zoo Bojnice
Zámok a okolie 6,
SK- 972 01 Bojnice
Phone : +421 46 540 29 75    
Email : zoobojnice@zoobojnice.sk
Website: http://www.zoobojnice.sk

The Bojnice ZOO animal park was opened in 1955. There are 355 animal species and 1826 pieces in Bojnice ZOO.
After you pass the entrance gates, you can see many different bird species such as owls, eagle or falcons.
There are small lakes with swans and ducks. Polar bears and brown bears are kept in two separate bear houses located
in huge deep holes. In this way, the visitors of Bojnice ZOO have a good view at the bears and are in safe distance.
Stairs that separate brown bears from polar bears lead towards big cats (Felidae) such as leopards, jaguar or lynx,
however you will not find lions in Bojnice ZOO. On the right hand side just behind the bear houses you will find vivarium
with many different reptiles and fish species. There is a new monkey pavilion where you can find orangutans and other
monkey species. There is another bird section with different types of birds
including peacocks, flamingos, parrots including blue and yellow macaw or red and green macaw in Bojnice ZOO.
The Bojnice ZOO big circle and small circle will take you to zebras, camels and other mammals.
Children and adults will probably enjoy elephant performances.

There is a children’s block with ponies, donkeys, goats and sheep. There is a place with a beautiful view at the Bojnice
castle and a spot where you can take a picture of the castle. There are fast foods, souvenir shops and children’s playgrounds
with swings and slides in the Bojnice ZOO park. Children can take a pony ride.

Opening hours :
November – February : 8.00 am – 3.00 pm
March, October : 8.00 am– 5.00 pm
April, May, September : 8.00 am – 6.00 pm
June, July, August : 8.00 am – 7.00 pm

Admission price :
Children up to 4 years: free
Children 4 – 15 year, disabled: 1,20 €; 36,- Sk
Students (student card is required), retired: 1,40 €; 43,- Sk
Adults: 2,25 €; 68,- Sk

Offer :
pony rides
souvenir shops
toy shops
fast foods
children playgrounds
Bojnice castle
outdoor swimming pool

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Grillplatz     

Dimension : 42 ha



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