Giordano Botanico della Majella "M.Tenore" , I 66010 Lama dei Peligni (CH) ( last change : 17.01.2010 14:21:10 )

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Giordano Botanico della Majella "M.Tenore"
Aurelio Manzi, Mirella Di Cecco
Via Colle della Madonna,
I- 66010 Lama dei Peligni (CH)
Phone : +39 0872/91 60 10     +39 0872/91 60 67
Email :

The Giardino Botanico della Majella (3500 m²), also known as the Giardino Botanico Michele Tenore, is a botanical garden located in the Majella National Park (Parco Nazionale della Majella) at Lama dei Peligni, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo. It is open daily; an admission fee is charged.
The garden was established in 1995, and named in honor of botanist Michele Tenore. It now contains about 500 varieties of plants, organized into four sections as follows:
- Flowers and vegetation of Majella
- Plants of economic importance
- Endangered plants of Abruzzo
- Heritage agricultural plants

The heritage agricultural plants sector, located in an area recently acquired. is still being organized. You currently have a collection of figs and plums grown in the area, also some old cultivars of cereals no longer in use.

Opening hours :
from June 15th till Sept. 15th: every day from 10am to1 pm, and from 4pm to 7pm;
from Sept. 16th till June 14th: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10am to 1pm; Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays from 10am to 1pm, and from 4pm to 7pm.



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