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Kaunas Botanical Garden
Z.E. Zilibero 6,
LT- 46324 Kaunas
Phone : +370-37/39 00 33     +370-37/39 01 33
Email : botanikos.sodas@vdu.lt
Website: http://botanika.vdu.lt

Kaunas Botanical Garden was founded in 1923 as the centre of botanical sciences that belonged to Lithuanian (later Vytautas Magnus) University. Former manor of of famous nobleman Juozapas Godlevskis in Aukstoji Freda near Kaunas was chosen as a place for the Garden. Creatin of the manor was begun at the end of 17th century. The surrounding park was landscaped to adjust the ponds to the form J and G letters. With only slight changes they have still remained.

Presently, Kaunas Botanical Garden consists of five departments: four sectors - Medicinal plants, Plant Pathology, Dendrology, Pomology, Floriculture; a Greenhouse and a service subdivision. It occupies the area of 62.5 hectares. Approximately 7.000 different plants comprise the collections and expositions that are open for public attendance and cover the area of about 30 ha. The number of visitors is between 40.000-50.000 every year.

- Medicinal plants: For the moment the collections-expositions of medicinal plants contain 419 species, which belong to 290 genera and 90 families. Their classification is based on on bioactive compounds synthesized in plants. 26 species belongs to the category of protected and rather plants. The collections-expositions of spices-melliferous plants contain 134 species, which belongs to 99 genera and 34 families. The collection of hops contain 30 varieties, one hybrid and 19 wild individuals.

- Pomology: Specialised collections contain 385 species and clones of berry plants.
- Floriculture: 4533 taxa of ornamental plants are grown. The genera that contain many cultivated species are exhibited separately: roses (350), dahlias (300), peonies (185), irises (196), astilbes (50) and the plants of grasses family.

Opening hours :
All year:
Mon-Thurs: from 9:00 to 16:45
Fri: from 9:00 to 18:00
Sat-Sun: from 10:00 to 18:00

Offer :
Tours can be ordered (April-October):
phone: +370-37/29 53 00

Dimension : 30 ha


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