Nikitsky Botanical Garden , UA 98648 Yalta, pos. Nikita (Crimea) ( last change : 22.01.2010 00:34:27 )

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Nikitsky Botanical Garden
UA- 98648 Yalta, pos. Nikita (Crimea)
Phone : +380 (654) 335530    
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One of the oldest among the world´ s botanical gardens, Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, is a large scientific-research institute as well as a beautiful tourist attraction. The Gardens belong to the Ukraine Academy of Agrarian Sciences. The main direction of its work is the study of natural flora and vegetation, collection of plants, introduction into culture, and selection of new varieties for industrial fruit culture and floriculture. Nikita (not just the Gardens but a nearby small town by that name) is situated in the Crimea on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea not far from Yalta. The total area of the NBG is 1100 hectares. NBG´ s coastline is 6 kilometers. The institute has 12 scientific departments. It has the largest herbarium in Europe, the oldest library in Crimea, and a scientific museum, attached to a fruit tasting cafe. The Gardens annually host about half a million visitors. There are 50,000 species, varieties and hybrids of flowers, fruits, olives, nuts and woody, subtropical, industrial, oil-bearing and medical plants -- including rare and endangered species.

As the treasury for development of most of the Southern Crimean parks, the gardens could impress any visitor with their magic atmosphere. As well as being a place of beauty and peace, the gardens have a practical side - half of the peaches and apricots grown in Ukraine are from varieties selected from the Nikitsky garden´ s huge collection, and seeds are also exported to Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria. The gardens´ Scientific Centre exchanges seeds and information with 600 institutions worldwide.

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There is a restaurant and fruit-tasting cafe

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