Riga National Zoo , LV 1014 Riga ( last change : 11.05.2010 00:56:44 )

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Group of Kiang wild asses (left); Markhor goat (above)
Riga National Zoo
Guna Vitola
Mea prospekts 1,
LV- 1014 Riga
Phone : 67518409    
Email : info@rigazoo.lv
Website: http://www.rigazoo.lv/

Riga Zoo shows beside wild animals also livestock breeds as donkeys or Hungarian steppe cattle. Special attractions are the breeding of wild relatives of our livestock from Northern and Central Asia. Riga is the only zoo showing Kiang wild asses from Tibet. Also shown are Markhor goats, Urial steppe sheep and Tibetan Yak.

Opening hours :
daily open (not on 1 January and 24 June).

Restaurant, Description :
several cafs and kiosks

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick     

Dimension : 20 ha



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