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Linderoed pig
Skanes Djurpark
Jularp 150,
S- 243 93 Höör
Phone : +46-413/55 30 60     +46-413/55 30 58
Email :

Skånes Djurpark is situated in the middle of Skåne (the most southern part of Sweden), about 3 km north of Höör. The Djurpark is built according to the needs of the animals. In their large enclosures, the animals can preserve their natural behaviour. At the same time the visitors´ interest to witness as much as possible of the animals´ lives is taken into consideration. Therefore several species are kept in easily accessible show enclosures during opening hours which offer a good view for the visitors. During non-opening hours larger, private enclosures are opened where the animals can spend their time.

Skånes Djurpark focuses on the Nordic fauna. The park is part of the European cooperation to preserve endangered species. This work includes, in addition to the keeping of wild animals, the care of endangered domestic species.

Opening hours :
January - March: Every day 10.00 - 15.00. The park closes at 16.00.
April - September: Every day 10.00 - 17.00. The park closes at 19.00.
October - December: Every day 10.00 - 15.00. The park closes at 16.00.

Admission price :
Adults 200 kr. Entrance card is then valid the whole 2010.
Free for children under 16 years! Children have to be accompanied by an adult.

Offer :
A limited number of strollers and carts can be rented for 30 kr each at the entrance.

Restaurant, Description :
Inside the park you´ll find Björnbergets Cafeteria which is open April - September. During the winter, the shop offers something hot or cold to drink, icecream, cockies and sweets.

More Infos :
All walking paths are asphalted, so that even prams and wheelchairs get around easily. The outer walk is approximately 3 km long.
Due to veterinary reasons, no dogs or other pets may enter the park.

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Grillplatz       

Accomodation , Infos : For information about lodging, contact the tourist office in Höör 0046 (0)413 - 275 75.



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