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Left: presticke pigs; above: Lüftnerka Farmstead with restaurant
Zoo Plzen - Lüftnerka
Pod Vinicemi 9,
CZ- 301 16 Plzen
Phone : + 420 378 038 325    
Email : zoo@plzen.eu
Website: http://www.zooplzen.cz/

The Zoo in the west Bohemia region was created already in 1926 in a town part Doudlevce near to the town centre. Since 1963, it has been in the present premises of Lochotín and in 1981 was merged with the Botanical garden. The articulated natural premises are of 21 ha and since 1996 has been intensively changed to a zoogeographical bio-park.

Each animal and each plant have their own reason to live where they live. They live in an environment where they developed and to the conditions of which they got accustomed to and became a part of a balanced plant and animal community called biome. For individual continents there are characteristic certain types of animals and thus it was suitable to divide the world into six zoogeographical regions: Australian Region / Ethiopian Region / Indo-Malayan Region / Non-arctic Region / Neotropical Region / Palearctic Region.

=> Farmstead Lüftnerka:
Very interesting is a farmstead of the 19th century called „Lüftnerka“ with a collection of domestic animal breeds and 400 pieces of agricultural tools.

Opening hours :
ZOO is opened for visitors 365 days a year
November - March: daily from 9.00 to 18.00
April - October: daily from 8.00 to 19.00

Admission price :
- Summer:
children 4-15 yrs., students, retirees, army: 45 Kč
adults: 75 Kč
- Winter:
children 4-15 yrs., students, retirees, army: 30 Kč
adults: 50 Kč

Restaurant, Description :
Visitors may rest for example in our restaurant in an African style called „Kiboko“ or in restaurant „Lüftnerka", in the stylish refreshment „Siberian hut“ or in a shop „At Lemur“.

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 21 ha



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