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Gaia Zoo Kerkrade
Dentgenbachweg 105,
NL- 6468 PG Kerkrade
Phone : +31-45/567 60 70    
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GaiaPark is an exciting modern zoo, in which the animals live in spacious natural enclosures. It is also the first zoo with one central theme: the Gaia theory, which views the Earth as a living planet. : The name of the zoo therefore also pays homage to Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth, the ancient “Mother Earth” symbol, as well as having a modern vision of life on Earth. One important goal for GaiaPark is the conservation of nature and species. GaiaPark is a fantastic day out for children and adults alike! At GaiaPark, the ´experience´ is the central focus. You will take a trip back in time, as well as a journey to far-off countries with exotic animals like gorillas, giraffes, cheetahs and even a wood with apes running around freely. You can choose from four different expeditions, each with its own exciting adventures and encounters. But start at the Limburg Farmstead with rare livestock breeds.

Opening hours :
All the year every day opening at 10.00.
April - September closing at 18.00. March, October, November at 17.00 Uhr and December - February at 16.00.

Admission price :
Adults: 16.00 EUR
Children (3 - 12 years): 12.00 EUR
Seniors (more than 65 years): 12.00 EUR

Restaurant, Description :
Restaurant ‘Plateau van Gaia’ in the park centre. An african Lodge (with view on Giraffs and Zebras), the DinoDome or the „Braai“ (Barbecue) on the terrasse.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : ZooHotel Brughof beside GaiaPark



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