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Left: the domes with the tropical zones; above: Jutland coldblood horses
Randers Regnskovs
Torveybryggen 11,
DK- 8900 Randers
Phone : +45-87/10 99 99    
Website: http://www.regnskoven.dk

Randers Regnskov ("Randers Rainforest") is actually a Zoo, showing tropical animals in huge tropical house domes. The three domes, each illustrating rainforests from three different continents:
- South America Dome with an area of 2000 square meters and a height of 25 meters
- Africa dome with an area of 500 meters and a height of 12 m
- Asia dome at 700 meters and a height of 14 m.

Vorup Meadows:
Randers Regnskov is also engaged in nature reestablishment in our immediate area, as we manage Vorup Meadows, a water meadow located on the opposite side of Gudenåen. The aim of the project is to recreate a valuable meadow, inform the public about the plant and animal life in the area, and conserve some of the old Danish breeds of domestic animals, such as horses, cows and sheep.

Opening hours :
Until July, the rainforest open on weekdays 10-16 and 10-17 in the weekend.

Admission price :
Child (3-11 years): 90 kr. (EUR. 12,50,-)
Adult (from 12 years): 160 kr. (EUR. 22,50,-)

Offer :
- Guided Tour:
Get a unique experience by booking a guide for an exciting tour of Randers Regnskov.
- Zoo School:
The objective of our zoo school is to give pupils of all ages an exciting and educational look at the wide variety of plants and animals in the world´ s rainforests. Our level of teaching is tailored to the needs of individual age groups with different levels of experience and preknowledge.

Restaurant, Description :
Our Café serves a wide variety of meals for both adults and children.

Infrastructure :



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