Blaavand Zoo , DK 6857 Blaavand ( last change : 13.03.2019 10:18:19 )

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Blaavand Zoo
Oster Hedevej 1 ,
DK- 6857 Blaavand
Phone : +45 75 27 91 77    
Email :

We are cooperating in the international breeding programme on the Visent (EEP), an ISIS-member, and we have around 250 animals on around 60 species.

Our aim is toward families, so we try to cater to both children, who want a hands-on-experience, and the grown-ups, who still could use some education on conservation issues. We try to be different from older zoos by having a more relaxed approach to the educational issues - and we think, that this, maybe a more subtle way, is more efficient in the long run.

Opening hours :
Opening hours:
- From easter to mid october 10-18.
- From mid october to easter 10-16.

Admission price :
Adults: dkr 80.-
Children (> 2 years): dkr. 40.-

Infrastructure :
Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick     



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