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Copenhagen Zoo
Roskildevej 32,
DK- 2000 Frederiksberg
Phone : +45-72/200 200    
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The Zoological Garden called Zoo Copenhagen was founded in 1859 and is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. The Zoon in Copenhagen is a great tourist attraction as well as a popular venue for Copenhageners and Danes. The Zoo is placed between Frederiksberg Park and the Søndermarken area covering over 11 hectares of landscape. The Zoo is a home for 3,500 animals and 270 species.
- Animals and Visitors
In the beginning the Zoo only had a few ordinary animals to show the audience such as a seal – ducks – chickens – rabbits – owls and a turtle in a little tub. During the years the Zoo expanded rapidly as the Zoo became a common place for family outings and a pleasant picnic area. And in the last 25 years the Zoo has been through a great restoration project to recreate more natural environments and better conditions for all of the animals as well as creating a more realistic experience for visitors.
- The Zoo Tower
A new Savanna resort has been established plus a Hippopotamus House where the hippos can be watched under water. All the old historical buildings have been preserved as well as the characteristic Zoo Tower from 1905 that offers the public a panoramic view over the entire city of Copenhagen.
- The new Elephant House and Frederiksbeg Gardens
The latest attraction at the Zoo is the new Elephant House from 2008 that is integrated with Frederiksberg Park so that people in the park can watch the elephant’s daily life - which also gives the elephants a wide view to the open green landscape of Frederiksberg Garden.
- Domestic Livestock
Present are also the rare Danish Sortbroget pig, the white Danish landrace rabbit, the domestic ren and other livestock breeds of Northern Europe.

Opening hours :
Summer: 10 am - 6 pm
Winter: 10 am - 4 pm

Admission price :
- November - February DKK 110
- March - October DKK 140
Children (age 3-11):
- November - February DKK 50
- March - October DKK 70

Offer :
The Zoo Education Service offers experimental teaching with live animals for all age groups from preschool to adults. Furthermore, a wide range of instruction materials have been created for use before, during and after a visit to the Zoo.

Infrastructure :



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