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Irish Wolfshounds (left); Kerry Bog Ponies (above)
Kerry Bog Village Museum
John & Olive Mulvihill, Tim
IRL- Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry
Phone : 00 353 (0)66 97 69184    
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The Kerry Bog Village Museum, located on the beautiful ´ Ring of Kerry´, gives people an insight into how people lived and worked in Ireland in the 18th Century. The village is the only one of its kind in Europe. The village was well researched prior to being recreated.Great care was taken to ensure the dwellings that visitors see before them, are exact replica´ s of those used in Ireland in the early 1800´ s. Old sites were visited, old ruins measured, and old documents consulted.

At the village you will see:

- An old blacksmith´ s forge - which was brought stone by stone, from Brosna, a small village in North Kerry.

- The turf cutters house, stable dwelling and dairy house.

- Denny´ s hen house, the labourer´ s cottage and the thatchers dwelling.

- The Red Fox Inn Bar & Restaurant, is immediately adjacent to the Bog Village and is open seven days a week for food and drinks. Our Irish coffee is a speciality not to be missed!

Opening hours :
While the village is opened from the 1st March until the 1st November, we can open on request for groups etc. during other times of the year. If you would like any more information or if your are interested in making a group booking, why not contact either John or Olive Mulvihill directly.

Opening Hours are 8:30am to 6.00pm.

Admission price :
Adults: €6.00

Adult (group rate): €5.00

Children: €4.00

Pensioners: €5.00

Students: €5.00

Offer :
Once you stop at the Village you will be given an extensive brochure that guides you through the Museum, this also contains your discount for Irish Coffee at The Red Fox. (A guide can be provided on request).

Located beside the village is a traditional craft shop and a large car park to accommodate coach tours. Full toilet facilities, including disabled facilities, are available in the Bog Village.

Restaurant, Description :
Food is served at The Red Fox Inn, A la Carte Menu from 1st April to 1st Oct. Midday to 9pm.

More Infos :
The Kerry Bog pony almost became extinct. By 1994 there were only 20 ponies left in the whole of Ireland, Of which 15 were in the county of Kerry. We have the Kerry Ponies here at the Bog Village. Our aim is to save them from extinction and, by breeding them, to increase their numbers here in Kerry and further afield. You may already have seen that the Kerry Bog Pony is quite small - almost like a Shetland Pony - About 10 or 11 hands high, with a distinctive dish or curved face, rather like an Arab. Breed colors are chestnut with flaxen mane and tail or livered chestnut with black mane and tail or grey and also bay.
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