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Finnsheep in three colours
Pelso Prison Farm
Reijo Virkkunen
PL 1,
FIN- 92811 Pelsonsuo
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Conservation of animal and plant genetic resources is important for biological and cultural reasons. From the abolition threat of Pelso Prison farm for The Eastern Finn cattle gene bank has highlighted native breed more widely in the society. To the conservation and farming of native breeds deviate from an earlier traditional animal husbandry is connected. The native breeds and plants represent diversity, a counterforce of mass production and globalisation in agriculture and rural landscape.

In order to be preserved, the native breeds and plants indeed need wide and versatile networks of farmers. However, society supports of native breeds and plants are targeted only to the professional farms. Their future is in a growing business linked to landscaping, nursing services, tourism and food. Native breeds’ meat and milk meet the demands of gourmet food, and high-quality handworks are obtained from the wood.



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