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Ferma Ecologica Topa/Boiu
Dan Cismas
Str. principala 105a,
RO- 547027 Topa/Albesti
Phone : 0040745121961    
Email : fermatopa@yahoo.com

Brief History: The company was founded in 2004 by the Foundation Media in cooperation with the Foundation for Culture and Ecology. He is an agricultural training center and provides for local school graduates a sound training in semi-natural (here biological-dynamic) farming. It all started with a rose growing for the company Wala in Germany. Since 2005, the operation was extended to livestock and agriculture.

Every visit is a great fun and a learning experience:
Visit us at the ecological training farm and enjoy the healthy and aromatic scent of flowers, plants and garden herbs. Increase your knowledge and your experience regarding ecological farming and practical environmental protection. Relax on our sunny farm patio with a cup of coffee and some cake, juice, ecologically produced wine or small snacks. Group tours can be booked directly by phoning the farm.Our family get involved in this ideea and since 2009 we manage this farm.

Visit our farm shop:
Here you will find a wide variety of biologically dynamically and ecologically produced groceries. Especially tasty are our tomato products and our marmalade as well as our herbal teas and spices.

More Infos :
We work with volunteears and person how want to find out more information about organic gardening and how is possibil to build the live close to the nature.

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 45 ha



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