Apfelanlage / Apple plantation Pro Mihai Eminescu Trust S.R.L. , RO 557117 Malancrav / Malmkrog ( last change : 13.04.2015 12:29:13 )

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The Apafi Guesthouse in the background
Apfelanlage / Apple plantation Pro Mihai Eminescu Trust S.R.L.
Daniel Alexandru Marton
Zona Livezii nr. 86A,
RO- 557117 Malancrav / Malmkrog
Phone : 0040-269/44 87 77     0040-744-572325
Email : office@livadamalancrav.ro
Website: http://www.livadamalancrav.ro

Pro-MET SRL – whose headquarters are at Malâncrav, in the district of Sibiu, runs an apple plantation in Malâncrav, an almost perfectly preserved Saxon village in the vicinity of Sighisoara. The apples are processed in the attached factory to organic apple juice, which is largely marketed domestically.

Malâncrav is very well preserved due to its isolation, set far away from any town 13 kilometres down a country road, which eventually leads into the hills and forests. It is a perfect starting point to discover other secluded villages with fortified churches. Malâncrav has the highest proportion of remaining Saxons in any village in Transylvania. The Lutheran church has rare 15th century frescoes and the oldest entire altarpiece (1520) still in original location in Transylvania. Close to the church is a Hungarian princely Manor House, beautifully restored by the Mihai Eminescu Trust (MET).

Here in Malmkrog, as the village has been known throughout its long history, for more than 50 years a wide range of apples, including ancient German varieties such as Boskop, Gustaf, Goldparmäne, Leitzberg and Bauman, have been cultivated and harvested on 108 hectares of land. In 2001/2002 the plantation was taken over by the well-known Mihai Eminescu Trust (Patron HRH Prince Charles) and has been certified organic for several years. Todai the Foundation for Culture and Ecology in Medias FCE (Fundatia pentru Cultura si Ecologie) has the responsability for the plantation.

The actual stock of trees has now been reduced to an area of 68 hectares, of which some 30 or 40 hectares can still be harvested. The remainder of the plantation consists of plum trees, including the Anna Spaeck variety, ancient walnut trees, a great deal of woodland and a unique profusion of plants and herbs of unparalleled biodiversity.

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : in the restaured Apafi Manor House
Dimension : 108 ha



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