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Botanical Garden Powsin -Centre for Biological Diversity Conservation
ul. Prawdziwka 2,
PL- 02-973 Warsaw 76
Phone : +48-22/648 38 56     +48-22/754 26 10
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The Botanical Garden was established in 1974 as an independent research unit of the Academy of Sciences but till that time was acting from 1970 as the Department for Crop Germplasm Conservation of the Institute of Plant Genetics. In the years 1970 - 1977 all laboratories and collections were located in Skierniewice (ca. 70 km south - west from Warsaw). In the years 1977 - 1980 the first new laboratories were opened in Powsin - a suburban area of Warsaw City. The garden was located in the southern border of city area (about 23 km from Warsaw downtown), close to the town Konstancin-Jeziorna on arable land with small parts of natural forest in the northern part, where garden is surrounded with the Nature Reserve "Kabacki Forest" and Recreation Park Powsin.

The plant collections are used in the garden for displays opened for public visitors as well as for research and conservation purposes. Totally the number of plant taxa is now close to ten thousands.
About 3/4 of then are planted outdoor for garden displays located on ca. 28 hectares or indoor on ca. 2.000 m2 of greenhouses.

The main collections include:
- Flora of Poland - 584 species with 155 species protected by law and 96 species listed as endangered.
- Dendrological collections of ornamental trees and shrubs plants, totally 2.299 taxa.
- Ornamental gardens, totally 2.158 taxa of herbaceous ornamentals.
- Tropical and subtropical plants grown in the greenhouses on ca. 2.000 m2.
- Horticultural economic plants collections contain 1.224 plant taxa: 344 taxa of aromatic and medicinal plants, 213 taxa of rare or less known vegetables and 667 taxa of trees and shrubs with eatable fruits (pomological collection). The most valuable is collection of 261 old cultivars of apple trees, which were cultivated in historical territory of Poland from 17th century till 1930.



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