Lower Vistula Valley Landscape Park Museum and Educational Centre , PL 86-111 Gruczno ( last change : 13.03.2019 10:09:33 )

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Lower Vistula Valley Landscape Park Museum and Educational Centre
Dr.Jarek Pajakowski
Ul. Młyńska 4,
PL- 86-111 Gruczno
Phone :    
Email : aborygeniznadwisly@wp.pl
Website: http://www.tpdw.pl

The goals of The Friends of Lower Vistula Society are:
* to promote natural, historical and cultural values of Lower Vistula Valley,
* to promote notions of balanced growth in the region,
* to preserve biological, Landscape and cultural diversity of Lower Vistula Valley,
* to stimulate, support and supplement government and local administration activities in the field of protection of the natural environment and the cultural values in Lower Vistula Valley,
* to reinforce local and regional identity.

A main goal is to save old varieties of fruit trees, mostly Prunus species (plum-trees) and Pirus malus species (apple-trees), from extinction. The trees occur mainly in 80- to 100-year-old orchards in Lower Vistula Valley. Particular attention is paid to these varieties of trees, whose number is estimated at only few (e.g. cytrynówka, koksa pomarańczowa, maślak, sierpniówka). As it is widely known, a rescue programme carried out in the place of origin (“in situ”) is the most effective method of preservation of gene resources of all the species, varieties and forms of plants cultivated by man or even their wild progenitors. While saving the tree species and gathering information about them a local bank of genes and a modern data bank of local varieties of fruit trees can be founded.

The undertaking is carried out with the support of non-governmental organisations to avoid accidental distribution. For example 40 varieties of fruit trees were identified and a nursery of young trees was set up in the orchards at Lower Vistula Valley Landscape Park’s Museum and Educational Centre in a village of Chrystkowo.



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