Kwietniak Farm , PL 07-440 Goworowo ( last change : 20.05.2010 17:43:59 )

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Kwietniak Farm
Joanna & Leszek Kwietniak
Kruszewo 55,
PL- 07-440 Goworowo
Phone : +48-792/243 553    
Email :

It is an organic family farm with 30 ha and a great orchard of local varieties. The fruits are processed on farm in a special drying room. The farm lives from the marketing of dryed fruits and herbs and from regenerative growing of seeds for the IHAR plant genebank. But there are also livestock breeds on the farm, the old Konik polski horses, the Slotnicka pigs and green-legged partridge hens.

Opening hours :
On request

Dimension : 30 ha


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