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ANMARK processing
Krystina & Andrzej Marcyjanski
Lutobrok 3,
PL- 07-214 Zatory
Phone : +48-503/913 203     +48-297/417 917
Email :

Family business that handles (at third-generation) meat in the traditional way. Attention is paid to full transparency, from farmers to the product. Origin and each processing stage is noted for each animal, each piece of meat. Produced are smoked sausages, hams, pork, pork loin. From 2012 on also meat from traditional breeds will be processed as a raw material (eg from Slotnicka pigs).

The smokehouse is fired with wood from old trees. Connected to the buisiness is also an orchard with about 100 old fruit trees with traditional varieties, and green legged Patridge hens.

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