Gospodarstwo Kowalski , PL 05-190 Nasielsk ( last change : 20.05.2010 17:41:53 )

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a Slotnicka white pig
Gospodarstwo Kowalski
Krzystof Kowalski
Winniki 18,
PL- 05-190 Nasielsk
Phone : +48-661/584 558    
Email : krzysztof-kowalski64@wp.pl

It is a large family farm with more than 70 ha. It is based on the old Slotnicka pig breed. The meet is delivered to the gastronomically well known Gessler Restaurant in Warsaw. An arboretum with 208 trees of old polish varities of apple, pears and plums is planted. The farm produces also linseed oil for selling.

Opening hours :
on request

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : Agriturismo "Aksamitka", just 100m beside (tel. +48-601/50 40 20) Web: www.rancho.aksamit.net.pl
Dimension : 70 ha



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