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Monastery Cystersi - Szczyrzyc
Szczyrzyc 1,
PL- 34-623 Szczyrzyc
Phone : +48 (18) 332 00 04    
Email :

By the ancient route leading from Poland to Hungary, in the valley of the Stradomka river, in the shadows of the Ciecień and Grodzisko mountains, in the village of Szczyrzyc, almost 8 centuries ago the Cistercian Abbey was established. In times of Piasts dynasty Szczyrzyc was the seat of the county with the same name, but later on the county seat was transferred elsewhere and Szczyrzyc became famous of its cattle breeding and the agrarian culture.

This was so because the Cistercians were the specialists in their agrarian and garden culture, following their motto ORA ET LABORA, pray and work, and by that they were an example to all their neighbors in all matters pertaining to garden and agriculture.

In the frame of the project "monastery gardens - centers of biodiversity" of the Social-Ecological Institute in Warsaw (SIE) the great orchard of the monastery was renewed and supplemented by numerous regional core and stone fruit varieties.

Opening hours :
by appointment only

Infrastructure :
Imbiss/Kiosk  Picknick  Grillplatz  Kiosk-Verkaufsladen-Hofladen    



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