Demonstration and Seed Multiplication Plot in the Village of Tsnisi Biological Farming Association ELKANA, GE 0800 Akhaltsikhe/Tsnisi ( last change : 31.07.2015 13:18:24 )

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Demonstration and Seed Multiplication Plot in the Village of Tsnisi
Biological Farming Association ELKANA
Village Tsnisi Akhaltsikhe Municipality Samtskhe-Javakheti Region,
GE- 0800 Akhaltsikhe/Tsnisi
Phone : +995/599 28 93 90     +995/790 50 67 76
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Georgia is one of the centers of natural and cultural biodiversity. Unfortunately, the major part of traditional cultivated plants are currently endangered. That is why the agricultural biodiversity conservation had become one of the strategic directions of Biological Farming Association ELKANA. In 2004, the implementation of the project titled “Recovery, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Agricultural Biodiversity in Georgia” started in Samtskhe-Javakheti region with the support of ELKANA. The scope of measures provided within the framework of this project includes the following: setting up of the collection of seed and planting stock materials (aiming at its conservation, further seedage and manufacturing application); development of special programs for farmers engaged in genetic capacity building for local and indigenous plants; Establishment of associations of local producers; selection of strategic products and introduction of new products, based on the survey of local and indigenous cultivars.

The village of Tsnisi (Akhaltsikhe municipality) gave place for a Demonstration and Seed Multiplication Plot. This land plot is a conservation center for indigenous varieties. It became home for the new life of already extinct species, the “proving ground” for their demonstration, seedage and protogenesis. A stock for seed and planting stock materials is also established to distribute planting materials free but with a necessary obligation: to return an adequate cropping in time. The project is implemented by the Samtskhe-Javakheti Farmers´ Association "Farezi". “Farezi” has about 200 members; They produce local sorts of crops and legumes; they also planted local sorts of apple, pear and vine. It should also be mentioned that today the interest to old Georgian varieties is increasing - representatives of other regions often contact us and ask to supply seedlings. We support them to the best of our capacity.

Opening hours :
Monday-Friday: 10.00-18.00

Dimension : 4,3 ha


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