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Skyros Island Park
Nikos Kritikos
Town Hall,
GR- 34007 Skyros
Phone : +30-222-209 16 18    
Email :

The Skyros horse comes from the southeast of Skyros Island that gave them their name, their exact origins are unknown, but they have been there for centuries. The local people used a few of the animals for farm work during the summer months, but the ponies wintered without the aid of people. The mechanization of farming and transportation has dented their numbers considerably and their numbers are low. The small-bodied species of the Skyrian horse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world. It was native to Greece, and in ancient times lived throughout the country. At the time of writing [2012] there are 246 Skyrian horses in Greece, of which 186 live in Skyros. The Skyrian horse is a protected species.

The Skyrian Horse Society is a non-profit association founded in January 2006. It is registered in Skyros, and its members are individuals and legal entities from throughout Greece that own Skyrian horses. The aims of the Society are to record genealogical data,upkeep the stud book and ensure a pedigree is developed for the Skyrian horse.This along with other measures will help preserve, promote and develop the breed. The Society collaborates with "Amaltheia" (the Greek branch of the SAVE Foundation) and with the "Greek Society for Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heritage". The Society is funded by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foodstuffs for the project of recording and maintaining genealogical data on all Skyrian horses in Greece, by its members´ annual subscriptions, and by donations. The Society also developed a program for "adopting" Skyrian horses, whereby a considerable part of the horse´s expenses are covered.

Opening hours :
The semi-feral Skyros horses on the mountain Kochila (South part of the island) can be visited the year round.

Offer :
- Visit of the Katsarelias-Simpson Breeding Centre near the airport on appointment only (see map under "directions"):
Amanda Simpson, Stathis Katsarelias, Trachy, GR- 34007 Skyros
Phone : 222-209 35 30; 698-605 16 78; Email :
- The Taverna Mouriés between Skyros and the beach of Kalamitsa offers riding for children.
Open daily, contact Manolis Trahanas, phone 22220-9 35 55 or 22220-9 36 00, Email:



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