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Danish landrace sheep from Ertebølle type
Engdal Farm
Anne and Jakob Kortegaard Becher
Farsøvej 101,
DK- 9640 Farsø
Phone : +45-28875332     +45-28875332
Email : jkortegaard@gmail.com
Website: http://www.erteboellefaar.dk

We operate a part-time organic farming in Vesthimerland. We have 75 ewes of the Danish landrace sheep breed of Ertebølle type. The sheep is used in nature conservation (grazing) from May to October, where they use different habitats in the locality. We live scenic up neat the Uhrehøj plantation, which is part of Trend great forest. Urhehøje is a number of bronze age hills from abour 2500 BC , with a magnificent wiew. In addition to the sheep we have 20 cows of SJM ( Blackpied Jutland Milkcattle).

When buying lamb from Ertebølle sheep at Engdal it helps:
- The preservation of Danish landrace sheep of Ertebølle type.
- Nature conservation in Vesthimmerland
- Organic farming, which do not use pesticides and fertilizers.
- Climate-friendly meat production, since the sheep have only a minimum amount of grain, but plenty of good hay or wrap hay during winter.
- Our principle is to feed the sheep so close to nature as possible - for the benefit of the sheep and benefit the environment.

Landscaping with Ertebølle sheep:
Ertebølle is a native Danish sheep and adapted to the Danish nature through time. In olden days, Landrace Sheep as Ertebølle Sheep grazed areas such as heaths, commons and meadows, representing typical areas that could not be cultivated. Ertebølle Sheep is therefore very suitable as natural wont of these marginal soils, this is where they thrive. Ertebølle sheep at Engdal perform landscaping at several places in Himmerland: On a small piece of restored heathland in Myrhøj plantation in salt marshes by Risgaard on our protected meadow. It is a small reserve with a interesting botany especially orchids in june.
Ertebølle sheep are good to eat unwanted trees and rose bushes and in both Drøvden at Barmer (animals purchased from Barmer sheep guilds).

Opening hours :
visits on request; especially welcome are school classes

Offer :
Oppertunity to see another way of farming a bit like "low input - low output" farming i Denmark. Fantastivc nature surroundings and no noise areas.

Events :
In 2012 (from 17 th july) to 2018 we are using the sheep to revitlize a heath area nearby. On the location you will also find a fine view and bronzeagehills

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : Tent area and water and toilet. (shared)



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