Jardim Botanico da Madeira , P 9064-251 Funchal Madeira ( last change : 28.03.2017 18:12:23 )

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Jardim Botanico da Madeira
Caminho do Meio Bom Sucesso,
P- 9064-251 Funchal Madeira
Phone : +351-291/21 12 00    
Email : jardimbotanico.sra@gov-madeira.pt
Website: http://www.madeirabotanicalgarden.com

With its location in the impressive amphitheatre of Funchal, Madeira’s capital, the Botanical Gardens provides its visitors with spectacular panoramic views over the mountainous backdrop, the city below and its bay with the deep blue waters of the Atlantic. Now more than ever, you can enjoy our fascinating gardens and then experience an unforgettable ride on the Botanical Gardens Cable Car up to the historic village of Monte, with its beautiful church, gardens and wicker sledges.

The Madeira Botanical Garden is involved in a very important cooperation between the Azores Botanical Garden of Faial and the Viera & Clavijo Botanical Garden of the Canary Islands. The Macaronesia Seed Bank is a programme for the sustainable conservation of plant diversity. The project is funded in part by the Community Initiatives Programme INTERREG IIIB, Azores - Madeira - Canaries 2000-2006, as well as by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).

The Madeira Botanical Garden is divided into six main areas:
- Arboretum: A collection of trees and shrubs from various parts of the world
- Indigenous Plants: various endemic examples of rare and endangered species
- Succulent Plants
- Agricultural Plants (see "More Infos" below)
- Aromatic and Medicinal Plants: collection of plants used in cuisine and for medicinal purposes in Madeira
- Palm Trees

Additionally, we also feature an Exotic Bird Park which contains a collection of around 300 mainly tropical birds such as Blue and Yellow Macaw, Cockatoo, Parrots and Lory. Admission to the "Loiro" bird park is included in the purchase of your ticket to the garden.

Opening hours :
We are open daily from 09.00hrs until 18.00hrs with the exception of December 25th. Last entry is at 17.30hrs

Admission price :
Adult: € 3,00 - Child: 0-6 years Free entrance - 7-18 years € 1,00

More Infos :
The climatic conditions on Madeira, coupled with the mountain relief, allow for an enormous assortment of crops to be cultivated. The varieties are staggered in direct relationship to the altitude. At the lowest level we find the Mediterranean crops (figs, oranges, lemons and grapes, plus cereals such as maize, wheat, rye and barley). The European fruit trees, producing cherries, apples and plums, flourish in the depths of the valleys. A little further up from sea level, the tropical species are cultivated (bananas, sugar cane, custard fruit, mango and passion fruit).
The principle plants in the area are Citrus, Avocadoes, Mangoes, Custard Apples, Brazilian Cherry, Papayas, Banana Trees, Mountain Papaya, Guinea Chestnut, Macademia, Coffee, Surinam Cherry, Tea Bush, Tobacco, Sweet Potato, Cashew, Breadfruit, Lychee, Sharon Fruit, Mangosteen, Java Apple, Pineapple, Mexican Apple, Passion Fruit, Swiss Cheese Plant, Jackfruit, Monkey-bread-tree, Jaboticaba, Myrtle, Guava, Melon Pear, Sugar Cane, Chinese Lantern Plant, Japanese Raisin Tree, Guinea Beans, Tamarind, Star Fruit, Chinese Jujube or Chinese Date, Fig Tree, Blackberry, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Cherry Tree, Nut Trees, Quince, Japan Plum, Chestnuts, Whortleberry, Peach Trees, Apricot Trees, Plum Trees, Nectarine Trees, Apple Trees, Bear Trees, Vines, etc.



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