Pavlovsk Experimental Station , RU 189623 Pavlovsk, St.Petersburg ( last change : 07.03.2011 14:50:42 )

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Pavlovsk Experimental Station
Mining street,
RU- 189623 Pavlovsk, St.Petersburg
Phone : (812) 465-1202     (812) 470-2663

The Station was organised in 1926 near St. Petersburg. Being one of the major stations of the N.I. Vavilov Institute, it studies perennial grasses and cruciferous tubers cultivated in the Non-Black-Soil area. There are over 3000 accessions of fruit and berry plants maintained in vivo in its gardens. More than 40 of these fruit samples have been commercialized. The collection contains more than 100 varieties each of gooseberries, raspberries, and cherries. It also contains more than 1,000 varieties of strawberries. More than 90% of the collection is found in no other research collection or genebank. The station operates an experiment farm, a quarantine nursery and greenhouses.

Opening hours :
On announcement

Dimension : 70 ha (9 ha fruits and berries)


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