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Monograph on the characteristics of stone fruits in the Northwest Caucasus
Krymsk experiment breeding station
RU- 353384 Krymsk-4, Krasnodar region
Phone : +7 (988) 310-74-41     8 (86131) 5-15-88
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The Station was included in the Vavilov Institute network in 1935. It is situated in the town of Krymsk, Krasnodar Region, and studies the collections of green pea, sugar maize, tomato, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, apple, plum, peach, pear, apricot, strawberry and some other crops. It is involved in vegetable and sugar maize breeding programmes.

The history shows the development of this huge research farm:
1935 - Establishment of the experimental research farm;
1935-1937 - Breeding work with tomatoes and sweet corn;
1937 - creation of plot variety trials of fruit crops;
1938 - work on plant breeding and seed production of sweet corn and cucumbers fully transferred to the station;
1939 - started working with legumes;
1940 - formation of the Crimean horticultural plant: association experimental research farm with a strong point for the fruit growing;
1958 - transfer of the station in the system of the All-Union Institute of Plant Industry NI Vavilov (VIR), within which it remains up to 2006;
2006 - the Station becomes a structural subdivision of the North Caucasus Zonal Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture.

The station has 3 Subdivisions
* Department of Genetic Resources and Breeding of Fruit and berries;
* Department of genetic resources and breeding of vegetable crops;
* Experimental farm
The collection of varieties and hybrids is about 6,6 thousand samples of fruit crops, more than 100 berry and about 3 thousand grapes. Expansion of the gene pool and the completion of the collection takes place gradually by drawing samples from other research institutions in Russia, CIS and foreign countries. The Department of genetic resources and breeding of vegetable crops includes breeding of nightshade, legume crops, cucumbers and sweet corn, and a group of green and lesser vegetable crops.

Opening hours :
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Offer :
The station provides direct assistance to agricultural production: its employees annually spend hundreds of consultations on the farms, read the reports and lectures, publish articles in scientific journals. They produced a series of textbooks for high schools, monographs and collected papers.



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