Maykop Experiment Station , RU 385746 Shuntuk - Maykop Adygeya Republic ( last change : 14.03.2011 15:15:08 )

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Maykop Experiment Station
Podgorny settlement Nauchnaya street 1,
RU- 385746 Shuntuk - Maykop Adygeya Republic
Phone : +7-8612 5 64 43    
Email :

The Station - belonging to the Vavilov-Network - was established in 1930. It has been studying the collections of cultivated and wild grasses, maize, Jerusalem artichoke, potato, winter rapeseed, and southern varieties of apple, pear, plum, sweet cherry and filbert. There is a quarantine nursery at this station. The station specializes in research on onion, pepper, eggplant, cucumber, cabbage, garlic, carrot and red beet. Heterosis hybrids of cucumber and tomato are bred at the station.

Opening hours :
On announcement, 8-17



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