Volgograd Experimental Station VNIIR , RU 403013 Krasnoslobodsk, Srednyaya Akhtuba region ( last change : 14.03.2011 15:15:24 )

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Volgograd Experimental Station VNIIR
ul. Centralnaya, 12,
RU- 403013 Krasnoslobodsk, Srednyaya Akhtuba region
Phone : +7 (84468) 4-32-46     +7 (84468) 4-35-05
Email : nwniish@mail.ru
Website: http://www.nwniish.ru

The Station, established in 1932, is located in flood lands of Volga. It is comprised of the departments of vegetables, fruit plants, vegetable and potato seed production, and laboratories of biochemistry and technology, physiology and immunology. Plant genetic resources collections are studied under intensive irrigation conditions. This station possesses a big experimental farm and supplies scientific institutions with breeding materials. It is part of the Vavilov Network.



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