Dagestan Experiment Station VIR , RU 368612 Khazar, Derbent district, Dagestan Rep. ( last change : 07.03.2011 14:52:32 )

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Dagestan Experiment Station VIR
Vavilovo village,
RU- 368612 Khazar, Derbent district, Dagestan Rep.
Phone : +7 (87240) 2-32-03    

The Station was organised in 1969 on the Caspian Sea shore, 10 km from Derbent, and has been studying the collections of wheat and its wild relatives, barley, oat, vegetables, fruit plants and valuable local forms of grapevine. The climate provides a natural background infested by virulent races of brown, stem and yellow rust, which helps to make precise evaluation of accessions by their rust resistance. This station performs genetic analysis of wheat accessions in order to identify donors of male sterility and fertility restoring lines. The station is part of the Vavilov Network.



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