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Jardim Botânico da UTAD
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Apartado 1013,
P- 5001-911 Vila Real
Phone : (+351) 259 350 248    
Email : jbutad@utad.pt
Website: http://www.jb.utad.pt/

The Botanical Garden is part of the campus of the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro and is located in the northeast of Portugal, in Vila Real, about 500 meters along the river valley corgo, affluent Douro. The area of the campus now stretches for about 120 ha, 30 of which are suitable for agriculture and used for testing in the departments of Agricultural Sciences, 10 covered with forests of chestnut trees, oaks, native pines, eucalyptus and 25 covering the terraces and scarps Corgo overlooking the river, built in the Reserve and National Ecological Network Natura 2000.

The “Jardim Botânico da UTAD” has a collection of aromatic and medicinal plants representative of circa 32 botanical families. It also contains a collection of traditional cultivars of fruit trees, such as chestnut, apple, and pear. The chestnut collection aims to be a genetic reserve to safeguard the European chestnut variability. There is also in the garden a collection of Vitaceae which includes the grapevine cultivars utilized in the Douro region.

Admission price :
- free entrance
- guided tours: By appointment the Botanical Garden offers a technician to guide the visitors. These sessions are adapted according to the number and age of visitors, and may include, in addition to visiting the Botanical Gardens, a visit to the Herbarium and exposures arising therein. The price of these visits is 1 Euro for every visitor.

Restaurant, Description :
Cantina de Prados

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 80 ha



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