Botanical Garden Children’s Palace, Tulcea , RO Tulcea ( last change : 23.03.2011 12:23:19 )

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Botanical Garden Children’s Palace, Tulcea
str. Elizeului nr. 74,
RO- Tulcea
Phone : 0040 40 514 146    

Botanical Garden Tulcea is an appropriate framework for the experiment, research and protection of rare species of spontaneous flora of Dobrogea. Of all times, human life was conditioned by the plant, causing the man to contact with plants know the secrets and how harmoniously combining utility with beauty. Dobrogea Nature offers a variety of terrain, flora and fauna. A botanical garden with facets of plant diversity conservation and education, located in the heart of Dobrudja was necessary. The action began in 1983. Currently Botanical Garden Tulcea has a land area of 12 ha and is structured in the following sectors: ornamental vegetation Macin Mountains rocks, Dendrarium, Systematic, Rosary, wetlands vegetation, sand vegetation marine Babadag Plateau vegetation, herbs, trees and shrubs , flower and vegetable species in the open field, dendrology Nursery, Greenhouse flower species and multiplier apartment arboretum material, Solariums and seedbeds. After 17 years of existence Botanical Garden Tulcea houses over 1,000 species of wild plants and cultivated.

Dimension : 12 ha


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