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Bergius Botanic Garden
Rakel Norberg
Gustafsborgsvägen 4 Frescati,
S- 104 05 Stockholm
Phone : +46 (0) 854 591 702    
Email :

The Bergian Garden, or The Bergianska Trädgården in Swedish, is a botanical garden and park on the waterfront situated in beautiful surroundings just outside central Stockholm. It was founded in 1791 by an antiquarian and historian by the name of Bengt Bergius whom donated the area to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The exhibitions include an extensive kitchen garden, a herb garden, fruit and berry orchards, ponds, conservatory and Mediterranen flora, deserts and tropical plants. The garden was originally located to the more central parts of Stockholm (Vasastaden), but moved out to its present location in 1885. This area is called Frescati, and is very close to Stockholm University as well as the Museum of Natural History.

Opening hours :
Botanical park, open all days
Edward Anderson’s greenhouse, cafe and shop, open daily from:
- February to October: 11-17,
- November-January: 11-16 weekdays, weekends: 11-17.
At major holidays Closed

Admission price :
- No fee for the park
- Edward Anderson’s greenhouse: 50 SEK

Restaurant, Description :
Cafe and shop, open daily (except major holidays)

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Kiosk-Verkaufsladen-Hofladen  



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