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left: grey-brindled Jutland cattle ; above: grey Danish geese
Hjerl Hedes Frilandsmuseum
Hjerl Hedevej 14,
DK- 7830 Vinderup
Phone : +45 9744 8060    
Email : frilandsmuseum@hjerlhede.dk
Website: http://www.hjerlhede.dk

Hjerl Hede is one of Denmark’s most beautiful nature reserves, where extensive heath-lands and almost impenetrable oak scrub encircling Denmark’s largest heath lake “Flyndersø”. In the middle of this unique heath-scenery in Western Jutland you find Hjerl Hede’s Open-air Museum.

The museum consists of the Old Village, the Jutlandic Forestry Museum, and the Museum for Peat production. More than 50 different buildings can be seen at Hjerl Hede’s Open-air Museum, showing the style of building and furnishing in the rural areas. As well as showing a number of elements which are characteristic for the surroundings of an old Danish village, among these are the rural craftsmanship. In the middle of the old village lies the village pond surrounded by farms, a black smith, a tavern, a school, a vicarage, a church, and a mill. Among the buildings you will find “Vinkelgården” – which is Denmark’s oldest farm. All farms and houses within the old village are furnished with furniture, kitchen, and textile from the old village societies. In order to show a varying and lively picture of the old Danish village society, gardens which are characteristic of the period have been laid out at each building. The buildings’ surroundings have been recreated with fields, folds, dunghills, hen houses, and wells. The museum has a large livestock of old Danish breeds, like grey-brindled cattle, Danish sheep, Danish geese, turkeys, black-brindled (piebald) pigs, goats, and horses which are all a natural and original element in the village society.

The Forestry Museum and the Museum for Peat production illustrates humans’ utilisation of these two landscape types. In the Forestry Museum you can follow the path of the trees, from sprouting in the nursery to the processing of the large logs in the steam-sawmill. The Museum for Peat production shows how the peat mass was transformed into kneaded peat two generations ago. The kneaded peat was used as solid fuel in areas with hardly any

Opening hours :
May – September: daily 10:00 - 17:00 Uhr (July – mid August: til 18:00)
April and October: on weekends 11:00 - 16:00
Open all the year round for groups and special arrangements in advance booking.

Admission price :
Everyone under the age of 18 years has free admission.
- Adults: DKK 70,00/EUR 9,70
- Groups: DKK 55,00/EUR 7,60
With historical activities July – mid August:
- Adults: DKK 125,00/EUR 17,00
- Groups: DKK 100,00/EUR 13,80
Groups are minimum 20 adults.

Restaurant, Description :
We can recommend a visit to restaurant and cafeteria "Skyttegården". It is situated in the gamekeepers farmstead in the forestry museum.

Infrastructure :
  Imbiss/Kiosk  Kiosk-Verkaufsladen-Hofladen     



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