Stare Selo (Old Village) , UA Kolochava (Transcarpathia) ( last change : 30.11.2016 10:37:06 )

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Stare Selo (Old Village)
Druzhby St. 26,
UA- Kolochava (Transcarpathia)
Phone : +38 (097) 868-95-25    

It is the first village museum of folk architecture and life in Transcarpathian region. It creates the atmosphere of cultural and public life of Verchovyna. The museum is located in an area which is called "Chertezhyk" under the Red meadows. "Old Kolochavskie village" already has a dozen residential and commercial buildings with household items and art works of XIX-XX centuries of Ukrainian highlanders Kolochava. Kolochava combines the culture of Hutsuls, Boyko, Lemko, Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Jewish, Czechs and Slovaks. Visitors today can see the blacksmith´s house 30-40-th century with the instruments of labor, collections from all over Ukraine and the building of the Hungarian gendarmerie.

On the area of the Village of Old Times is located also a Museum of narrow-gauge railway. It presents a train with the working locomotive and 10 carriages of Soviet and Chekh production. It contains unique exhibits about the history of narrow-gauge railway in Transcarpathian region.

Opening hours :
10:00 - 17:00

Admission price :



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