Consultation and Experiment Centre Shida-Kartli , GE Skra (rayon Gori) ( last change : 24.06.2011 16:35:59 )

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Consultation and Experiment Centre Shida-Kartli
Dr. Davit Kakashvili
GE- Skra (rayon Gori)
Phone : +995-(5)93-14 89 62    
Email :

In the center at Skra 80 old Georgian local varieties of grapes were collected and preserved first time in 1975. In 2008 around 400 old, indigenous grape varieties were added.
A fruit collection of three provinces, started 1996-97, has been lost unfortunately. In 2006 - after extensive collecting trips from Davit Kakashvili and Zviadi Bobokashvili from village to village in the southern part of the province of Kartli, a new fruit collection was established with some 300 varieties of applel, pears, cherries, plums and peaches. Even 50 walnut varieties are included.
By the end of April 2011 the center was was a State collection, now it belongs to the new, private agricultural university in Tbilisi.



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