Kindzmarauli Collection Vineyard , GE 4805 Kvareli village Kakheti Region ( last change : 11.07.2011 10:59:24 )

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Kindzmarauli Collection Vineyard
Dimitri Lebanidze
Vaja Pshavela ave,
GE- 4805 Kvareli village Kakheti Region
Phone : +995 32 237 14 24    
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Georgia is an ancient region of viticulture and a classical wine-making country. It is the center of the rich genofond of cultured grape varieties (according to the literature, about 500 varieties) characterized by a high concentration of dominant genes. The genofond of the Georgian grape varieties contains some valuable characteristics and qualities which can be successfully used in practice. The genes of the Georgian varieties make them resistant to rotting and fungus diseases. High biological flexibility and stable genetic specificity are typical of many Georgian varieties. The ancient farming culture of the Georgian people (the year four thousand B.C.) contributed to morphogenesis of the cultured gape. In the Middle Ages Georgia became a country having a developed agriculture, with viticulture rising to a higher level and getting the industrial importance. Wine became an export commodity. Vineyard attendance methods and wine-making process were being improved.

So, long before the European influence, original methods of vineyard attendance were developed (planting, placing poles, trellising, pruning, green operations) and the local culture grape range includes over 500 names. Later, as a result of people´s centuries-old selection, renowned high-quality high-yielding varieties which are well-adapted to the local conditions were produced. Being guided by the quality-above-all principle, the Kindzmarauli Marani company initially staked on purchase of land and laying out so-called pure (without industrial varieties) vineyards, which ensures the best grapes quality control. To ensure quality of vineyards over a longer term, in 2000 the company purchased planting stock facilities (greenhouses, nursery) which, upon re-equipment, yield up to 1.5 million young plants per year. At present, Kindzmaraulis Marani owns up to 500 hectares of lands, including 435 hectares under vineyards and about 50 hectares used for services lines and as the winery area.

Opening hours :
on request

More Infos :
Noteworthy is that the company with the assistance of specialists from the Institute of Viticulture and Viniculture of Georgia created a unique, in its own way, collection vineyard (2 hectares) on the territory adjoining the winery in the Kindzmarauli microzone, where up to 300 Georgian local grape varieties which are preserved to the present day are planted.

Dimension : 2 ha


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