National Centre for Grapevine & Fruit Tree Planting Material Propagation , GE 0146 Village Saguramo ( last change : 28.06.2011 14:22:57 )

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National Centre for Grapevine & Fruit Tree Planting Material Propagation
Dr. Levan Ujmajuridze
GE- 0146 Village Saguramo
Phone : +995-322-10 44 16     +995-595-22 22 17
Email :

The National Centre for Grapevine and Fruit tree Planting Propagation was established in the village Saguramo (Jjigaura), Mtskheta Municipality, in 2007. The centre was created upon the charitable organization of NE (NC) LE AGRO´s initiative. It was created for the purpose to set up a specialized nursery for grapevine and fruit tree base material in Georgia according to the rehabilitation State Programme for Viticulture, Horticulture and fruit-growing. It is equipped with modern technologies, and ensuring defense of quality control levels, it carries out propagation of true type virus free healthy base material and certified planting material. The centre is represented by higly-skilled science-technical staff - local as well as foreign consultants, who permanently conduct trainings regarding cultural practices, vine and fruit-tree rootstock and variety selection in orchards and vineyards.

The most important part of the National Centre is a collection of grapevine germplasm, including up to 400 Georgian native grapevine varieties, which have been found and collected in different regions of Georgia. It was established in 2009 and each of the varieties is represented by 10-20 plants. The fruit collection contains more than 200 varieties and has aditionally berry and nut varieties. As the centre is a non-profit organisation, the propagation material is given free of costs to nurseries in Georgia!

Opening hours :
on request

Dimension : 56 ha


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