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Historic Garden Lent
"Warmoezenier Spring"
Paul Schoenmakers
Grift Nord Dike 11,
NL- 6663 AA Lent
Phone : 024 32 32 418    
Email : historischetuin@yahoo.nl
Website: http://www.historischetuinlent.nl/

The Historical Tuinderij "warmoezenier spring" is a mixed horticultural, called warmoezeniersbedrijf warmoezerij or, as in the thirties plenty to be found in Lent and environment. The traditional way are old types and varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables grown. It was the intention, as many spread throughout the year, to grow products that are then sold on the market in Nijmegen and Arnhem. It was also home to sell. Until the 50s offered warmoezerij a typical way of life and work of the gardeners families.

The orchard is home to a wide variety of old fruit varieties. Typical of the Spring warmoezeniersbedrijf of time was that there were a few copies of many varieties. Thus, the harvest over a longer period. And so it is now done on the Historical Tuinderij in Lent. Yet there are: 25 different apple varieties, 17 pear varieties, 12 cherry varieties and in the remainingspecies are 8 different types, namely: Morel, apricot, peach, almond, walnut, quince, medlar and mulberry black.

In the Museum part there are 243 objects on display. The objects belong to the interior of a house of Warmoezenier and comprises living room, kitchen and bedroom. Representative items are furniture, such as: tables, chairs, cots, wardrobe furniture, as well as crockery.
And there are skating.

Opening hours :
Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday:10:30 - 16:00

Infrastructure :



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