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Dravaszentes – "Drava Kapu" Visitor Centre
Duna-Drave Nationalpark Duna-Drava Nationalpark, H 7570 Barcs-Drávaszentes
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Dravaszentes – "Drava Kapu" Visitor Centre
Duna-Drave Nationalpark
Duna-Drava Nationalpark
H- 7570 Barcs-Drávaszentes
Phone : +36-82/461-285     +36-30/474-3591
Email : dunadrava@ddnp.kvvm.hu
Website: http://ddnp.nemzetipark.gov.hu/index.php?lang=en

The “Dráva Kapu” Visitor Centre offers a wide range of possibilities to learn about the natural and cultural values of the protected area along the Drava, providing a chance for recreation to all age groups. We have special programmes for kindergarten groups, schoolchildren, or business groups.

Guided tours through the study trail, showing the grey cattle herd grazing in the meadows. At the end of the study trail, a the fauna of a wetland habitat can be observed from a bird watching tower. In a farm built near the Visitor Centre, long-wooled Racka sheep, donkeys, Hucul ponies, and Mangalica pigs can be seen.

Opening hours :
April 1– October 15: Tuesday – Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
October 16 - March 31: previous booking is required

Admission price :
Adults: 500 HUF/person;
students and pensioners: 300 HUF/person;
family ticket: 1200 HUF/family.
Reduced price for groups: for more than 20 people: 250 HUF/person

Offer :
In the new building opened in 2008, an exhibition showing the natural values of the Drava river can be seen. The visitors are shown the most important habitats of the Drava river’s region and the protected animals living therein. In a large sized aerial photo, the natural and the artificial moving of the river bed can be studied.

Restaurant, Description :
“Dráva Kapu” Grill Café:
We undertake organizing family events, class meetings, company parties, or providing meals to school groups from 4 to 40 persons in our restaurant, after booking. Phone: 30/275-0653, 82/491-134

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : In the Visitor Centre, two fully equipped rooms with three beds are available, together with a kitchen. Extra beds can be placed in the rooms if requested.



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