Taverna Agios Achillios , GR 530 77 Prespes ( last change : 28.05.2014 21:29:41 )

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Reed-eating Prespa cattle at Psarades
Taverna Agios Achillios
Kostas Paraskevopoulos
Agios Achillios Island,
GR- 530 77 Prespes
Phone : +30-23850 46112    
Email : info@agiosahilios.gr
Website: http://www.agiosahilios.gr

The island of Agios Achillios is situated in the lake Mikri Prespa in the Greek part of the Prespa Transboundary Park. The island is some kind of "Park in the Park" and the Taverna on this island runs a Guesthouse (8 rooms) and an Ark Farm with Greek Water Buffalos and a nucleus breeding group of the very rare autochthonous Prespa cattle. It is planned to take over also a last flock of Pelagonia-Florina sheep.

The island is connected with the lake shores by a long floating footbridge. It has also a wonderful archeological heritage as it was an important centre in former times. Don´t miss the impressive ruins of the Basilica of Agios Achilleos (circa 10th century), the Church of the Twelve Apostles (a three-aisled basilica from the end of 10th century with ancient spolia), the ruins of the Basilica Church of Agios Dimitrios (10th-11th century). Also a great chance is to observe the remarkable wall paintings which come from three phases in the Katholikon (central church) of the Monastery of Panagia Porfyras build in 1524 AD, the single-aisled church from the 15th century of Agios Georgios – and the ruins of a post-Byzantine church inside the Konstantion Fortress.

Opening hours :
The Taverna is open the year round.

Restaurant, Description :
Taverna and garden-restaurant

Infrastructure :

Accomodation , Infos : Taverna-Guesthouse with 8 rooms (baggage can be transported by boat on request )



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