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Flower Farm Pometum (Blomstergården)
Villy Mougaard
Bjerringholmvej 14,
DK- 8830 Tjele
Phone : 0045-86/65 12 88    
Email : info@blomstergaardenvedviborg.dk
Website: http://www.blomstergaardenvedviborg.dk/

A Pometum is a fruit collection. Flower Farm Pometum In 2006 a portion of a plant genetic resource conservation project under the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Directorate for Food and built by Villy Mougaard on Flower Farm between Viborg and Rodding. There are approx. 140 very old or important foreign varieties of apple fruit from Danish history. They are included for backup f or trees in the Nordic Gene Bank, which stands at the University´s Pometum the outskirts of the former Agricultural College Pometum. In addition, there are approx. 60 Danish local varieties and newer varieties. Pometet also contains approx. 100 varieties spread over pears, plums and cherries. In a small department, there quinces, mulberries and medlars. Collect current local Danish varieties - both previously described and the "new" old varieties not described. In the adjacent flower park are a number of other fruit types.

Flower Farm Pometum is expanded in 2008-2009 with pears and plums. The trees grown according to organic principles and are all grafted onto froze tame (wild strain) so that we can assess the trees´ health under these conditions. It is important to preserve the old varieties, so you can look back and retrieve properties that are lost through breeding and selection over the years. It can be very resistant to diseases, taste, ability to retain fruit and others we should look back later. Flower Farm Pometum is an independent branch of the Flower Farm near Viborg in the 20,000 m 2 large park south of Pometet and nursery. Flower Farm Pometum is part of plant genetic resource conservation project as part of the Rural Development Programme under the Directorate for Food, DFFE. It contains in addition to approx. 200 apple varieties also approx. 100 varieties of pears, plums and cherries, and the lesser known quinces, medlars and mulberries.

Offer :
- Lectures on the fruit, fruit trees and propagation of fruit trees. Associations or other groups can ask for a lecture in connection with visits to the Flower Farm or home in their local gardening group, activity club or similar. The topics range over grafting, storage, cultivation, history of old varieties etc. To the extent we have fruit available, lectures combined with tastings.
- Courses in pruning and grafting of fruit trees and Subculturing of old fruit trees. To give people the opportunity to follow the process of conservation of old varieties we hold every year different courses. Bl. a. grafting courses every winter, where we show the technique and participants are allowed to seed. In addition, from time courses of cultivation, rootstock selection, storage and other relevant topics in the cultivation of fruit.

Events :
Every year there are a number of tours in Pometet during flowering and in late summer and autumn when the fruit is ripe.

Dimension : 20,000 m 2


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