Norsk Fruktmuseum , N 6863 Leikanger ( last change : 01.11.2011 00:39:08 )

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photo: Åsmund Asdal
Norsk Fruktmuseum
Harald Stein Hjeltnes
Njøsavegen 5,
N- 6863 Leikanger
Phone : 48/16 82 89    
Email :

The collection of the Norwegian fruit museum is located on the former Government Experimental Farm for growing fruit on Njøs in Leikanger. A test Garden was established in 1920, and right from the beginning, the farm engageg in research and development in fruits and berries, including processing and testing of new cultivars. The collections of Njøs are the most content rich of collections in Norway, and they contain many varieties of apple, plum and pear. On Njøs exist also many cultivars of different berries and more exotic crops like apricots, grapes and hazelnuts. Many of the most important Norwegian cultivars available at Njøs, which now is run in cooperation with the processing company Graminor (since 2002), who still drive the processing of fruits and berries Njøs and Njøs Economic Development. Each autumn the Norwegian fruit museum helds the "Fruitful days" in Leikanger.



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