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Historical gardens in Lofoten
Judith Van Koesveld
N- 8310 Kabelvag
Phone : +47 90 54 72 29    
Email : judiths.urtehage@gmail.com
Website: http://www.plantearven.no/plantearvens-produsenter/judiths-urtehage/

The remains of several historical gardens have been found in Lofoten, these dating particularly from the time when the owners of the fishing villages were flourishing economically. Some of these gardens have been selected to be restored and opened to the public. We wanted to show the old perennials that have survived in Lofoten and also how the gardens were laid out in exposed districts. 5 gardens were chosen, ranging from the east to the west of the Lofotens, and over a 4-year period (2004-2008) they were registered and worked on. Also a small "onion garden" has been established. This is representative of Viking times and a forerunner of our kitchen gardens.

The gardens are situated on property of the Lofoten Museum and are a part of the museums’ exhibitions. Outside the museum opening times it is possible to see the gardens independently. All the gardens are signposted in the summer season, from April to September, and the individual plants have nameplates with their latin and Norwegian names. In the gardens with the collections of perennials information is given about where the plants are taken from. At the entrance to each garden there is a signboard giving a short history of the garden, information about the project, and where to take a contact.

Opening hours :
The Lofoten Museum:
- May and second half of August:
Monday-Friday: 9-15; Saturday-Sunday: 11-15
- June, July and first half of August:
All days 10-18 (Monday-Sunday)
- Rest of the year: Monday-Friday: 9-15
Outside the museum opening times it is possible to see the gardens independently.

Offer :
It is possible to have guided tours of the gardens. This must be by agreement and there will be a charge.



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