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Peteris Upitis Garden,
Latvia State Fruit Growing Institute
Inese Šinta
Graudu iela 1,
LV- 3701 Dobele
Phone : +371 63722294     +371 26408655
Email :

The Museum and Garden by Peteris Upitis
In the autumn of 1945 Pēteris Upītis began his work at the Latvian Agricultural Academy, where he collected data on local fruit varieties (landraces) and evaluated them. On his bicycle he traveled across most of Latvia, collecting and describing the most interesting seedlings. Yet a gardener needs a garden to feel complete. Such a place was found near Dobele, where Pēteris Upītis started planting his own orchards in the heavy, fertile soil. The Maestro worked with 24 plant species: apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, walnuts, hazels, quinces, raspberries, strawberries etc. His aim was to select fruit varieties which would be adapted to the conditions of Latvia, winter-hardy, with high-quality fruits. From the large material obtained by the breeder, apple cultivars ´Ausma´, ´Dobeliete´, ´Ilga´, ´Magone´, ´Steiga´, ´Velte´, ´Ventspiliete´, pear cultivars ´Jumurda´, ´Paulina´, sweet cherries ´Aija´, ´Indra´, ´Janis´, apricot cultivars ´Daiga´, ´Lasma´, ´Velta´, ´Dzintars´, ´Ritausma´, domestic plums ´Minjona´, ´Zemgale´, ´Ziedture´, diploid plums ´Agra Dzeltena´, ´Inese´, raspberry cultivar ´Ivars´ and strawberry variety ´Junija Smaids´ have been selected.

Especially successful was also his work in lilac breeding. The lilac cultivars ‘Ede Upitis’ (´Māte Ede Upītis´), ´Liega´, ‘ Gaizins’ (´Gaiziņkalns´), ´Esības Prieks´ and many others attract visitors from all Latvia and abroad. The breeder’s memory is carried on also by lily varieties ´Brūnupīte´, ´Dzintarlāse´. The life of P.Upītis ended on April 4, 1976. The official name of the place has changed several times, but it is still known in Latvia as „ Upitis garden” (“Upīša dārzs”). The best memorial to the life of Pēteris Upītis is the continuation of the work he started. Nowadays the garden is a part of the Latvian Fruit Growing Institute.

Opening hours :
Weekdays: 9oo – 17oo
Weekends – announce in advance

Admission price :
Museum and Garden:
Adults – Ls 1,00
Students, seniors – Ls 0,50
Schoolchilds – Ls 0,20

Offer :
Guests can pick their own fruit or buy some that has already been picked. Various fruit-based products are available for sale.



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