Rudzisi, the Varnava wine hill , LV 5237 Viesītes, Jēkabpils raj. ( last change : 04.11.2011 01:05:03 )

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Rudzisi, the Varnava wine hill
Evalds Pūpols
LV- 5237 Viesītes, Jēkabpils raj.
Phone : 29468141    

Evalds Pupols has one of the largest vineyards in Latvia located on an excellent highland site in the south of the country near the town of Rezekne. Lativa is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Unlikely as it might seem at this latitude (56/57 degrees north), there is such a thing as Latvian wine, made in Latvia and from Latvian-grown grapes. For some time the vineyards producing Latvian wines were the Guinness World Record holders for the world´s most northerly vineyards, for which official candidates must be open-air and capable of producing marketable grape wines. The particular Latvian vineyard in question was the Vīna kalns (´wine hill´), and lies almost perfectly on the 57th northern parallel. It is located in the village of Sabile, whose coat of arms is a bunch of grapes against a yellow background. Peaches, apricots and walnuts are also grown on the Vina Kalns, confirming that there is much more to climate and terroir than just latitude. Evalds Pūpols is a well known grower of grapes, and his home is surrounded by impressive hillocks on which Latvia’s most extensive vineyard has been established - there are some 80 different kinds of grapes in the yard.

Offer :
Visitors are offered tours with information about the growing of grapes in Latvia. Grapes can be purchased and tasted.



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