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photo: Åsmund Asdal
Lier bygdetun
Olav Garås
Paradisbakkende 29,
N- 3400 Lier
Phone : +47 32846925    
Email :

At Lier Museum are both collections of fruit varieties and collections of old perennials and herbs. Fruits are collected under the auspices of Lier Historical Society since the beginning of the 1980s. In 1989 bought the story made the farm Lower Øvernes given to Lier Museum. The first fruit trees were planted on the Lower Øvernes in 1990. The collection of perennials and herbs began in 2004. The fruit tree collection contains a total of about 80 varieties of apple, pear, plum and cherry. The fruits come largely from Lier, but some are also from the neighboring villages.

Lier Foundation Museum was established in 1990 by Lier Historical and Lier municipality, and village courtyard includes a property of 140 acres of old buildings located in a cultural landscape of cultivated fields, orchard and forest. Lier Museum was chosen as the Cavaliers millennium, and is an active meeting place for a new era for the whole village. A separate pomologisk selection is responsible for fruit collection. The trees are labeled with the name. Each autumn, held an apple festival in Lier, where the apple varieties from rural museum are exhibited and where local people are black specific apples they have with them. Apple Festival attracts each year thousands of people. Fruit collection is often there and at other events in rural museum.



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