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Hanne Lipczak Jakobsen
Agrovej 1,
DK- 2630 Taastrup
Phone : 35 33 21 76    
Email : pometet@life.ku.dk
Website: http://www.pometet.life.ku.dk

A Pometum is a collection of varieties of fruit trees and bushes. The word is derived from the Latin word "pomum" which means "fruit on trees." The Pometum collections are very extensive - which include about. 750 apple varieties, of which approx. 250 are Danish. In other species of fruit the number is often between 80 and 120 varieties. The late professor of fruit - Anton Pedersen - gathered in the 1940s and 50s a large number of varieties, and in 1956 the trees were established at its current premises in Taastrup. The collection has not only pomological interest, but also acts as a gene bank and is included in "The Nordic Gene Bank", which aims to preserve genetic resources in plant species adapted to grow in certain climates. There is also linked a historical interest, not least, apple varieties, many of whom are more than 100 years old. Some varieties, such as. "Gråsten" is even more than 300 years old. Hence the name "Apple Museum."

Opening hours :
- Guided tours by appointment only, each weekday from mid August to mid October. Duration of tours: 90 minutes
- Last Sunday in September "Open House" without an appointment with free entry

Admission price :
- Guided tours: 50 DKK per participant, but at least 1,000 DKK for whole group
- On the last Sunday in September: Free admission

Infrastructure :

Dimension : 8 ha



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