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left side: Belka Krupna apple; above: Zdravinjska pigs
Petina Ark Farm
Nemanja Petrovic
Petina village,
RS- 37206 Dvorane
Phone : +381600765200    
Email :

Southeast of Kruševac in Central Serbia Mr Nemanja Petrovic and his family have established an orchard with old Serbian fruit varieties. The orchard consists of some 140 fruit trees with 30-40 old apple varieties. There are also pear, cherry and nut varieties. The orchard is on the slope of Toponac hill, part of mount Jastrebac. In 2006 old mother trees of old fruit varieties in Central Serbia were identified with help of Prof. Evica Mratinic from the Agriculture faculty in Belgrade-Zemun. In 2007 started then the building-up of the conservation-orchard. There you can find now e.g. Belka Krupna apple, or Zebičanka, Crvenomesna, Žujka, Belka, Crvena, Beograđanka, Zelenika, Bubnjaja, Tetanka, Jablan, Šumatovka and a lot more the owner of mother trees didn´t know the names, so they received describing names.

Petina Ark Farm houses also two most endangered livestock breeds, krivovirka sheep and Svrljiska chicken. Zdravinjska pigs are extinct and were raised in the villages around Kruševac since the nineteenth century. Breeding centre was the village Zdravinje. The breed is related with Šumadinka and Mangulitsa pigs. It was then competed by the more prolific Moravka and Resavka pig breeds, which are now themselves in danger of extinction. Last specimen of Zdravinjska pigs were kept in the village Rlica. Goal of the conservation efforts was to keep this forgotten breed for the production of organic food. The advantages of the pigs are an undemanding breed in poor conditions, good utilization of acorns, pasture and feed in the forest.

Opening hours :
Visit on request

Restaurant, Description :
Local food, corn breed, aperitives from lokal fruith , apple. pears, plums
lamb goat and pork meat
chees from goats in seson and from cow whool year

Infrastructure :
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